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Customer testimonials

Whenever we have a shortage in surgical staff, I always turn to KSK. Evaluations are completed very quickly and we have always been able to resolve shortages through KSK (even on short notice). Our cooperation with KSK has existed for a long time, and our relationship is very trusting and pleasant. I highly recommend KSK.

Claudia Bachmann
IROC Augenklinik

I decided on KSK Personal AG because it is an exciting and diversified company. KSK representatives are very helpful and loyal, which makes cooperation very interesting. I look forward to continued mutual successes.

Elma Murati
KSK Personal AG

KSK has helped me get through many staffing shortages and successfully arranged personnel on very short notice.

KSK team members demonstrate a high level of responsibility, quality, and expertise.

Thank you for your strong cooperation.

Andrea Czwalina
Nursing Team Leader
ZURZACH Care, Kilchberg

Our cooperation with KSK is characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. Even personnel shortages on short notice are generally very well covered. We have developed a personal and trusting relationship with KSK for medium and long-term personnel planning.

We can seamlessly adapt to changing services during operations due to the fast employment planning and consistent flexibility on the part of KSK.

Uwe Schramm
Nursing Department Manager

I decided on  KSK because I am very comfortable with the team. The familiar and friendly interaction with my colleagues in the office, as well as our colleagues on the front lines, make every day an eventful one. Because: All for one and one for all.

Nadine Zink
Employment Planning
KSK Personal AG

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