What we do
What we do

What we do



We provide staffing and recruitment of qualified medical personnel for service providers throughout Switzerland. We focus on the customer, precisely evaluate the needs, select the team for the customer, and provide 99% of the same staff.

Contact with you as our customer is very important to us. We therefore provide unbeatable service. You can reach our deployment team 365 days a year from 07:00 AM to midnight.
Hotline +41 52 268 80 00 / notfallpool@kskpersonal.ch

Competent, fast, customer-focused, and that is what sets us apart. 

What we offer you

  1. Do you need staff now, shortly, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow?
    With our pool of qualified employees, we are prepared to cover your needs. Our hotline is available from 07:00 AM to midnight 365 days a year.

  2. Would you like to get more information and a personal consultation on how to  overcome short, medium, and long-term personnel shortages?
    We are happy to meet with you in person, via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or directly online (especially in these times).

  3. We provide fast and efficient planning support with our new customer portal.

Overview of our pool of temporary employees

  • Specialists in anesthesiology

  • Specialists in internal medicine

  • Certified nurse anesthetists NDS (postgraduate)

  • Certified intensive care nurses NDS (postgraduate)

  • Certified nurses with IMC training

  • Certified surgical nurses 

  • Certified nurses HF/FH/ SRK (techn. college/applied science univ./Swiss Red Cross)

  • Certified EMS staff HF / SRK

  • Health professionals 

  • Nurse assistants

  • Nurse assistants SRK

  • Nurse for surgical positioning


Personnel recruitment

You have been looking for the right staff for a long time; you have conducted numerous interviews but have not found the right candidate. You finally hired a new employee, but it turns out that you cannot establish a good working relationship. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the personnel that is right for you and your company.

Many roads lead to Rome, and many still consider personnel service providers to be raiders who just want to make a lot of money.

Is that really the case. What do you think?

We believe that you spend a lot more money than you think you do. Just for advertising alone – and you are unsuccessful in the end. Then you have to pay for temporary personnel to bridge the gap. Well, things get really expensive when you add it all up.

Go ahead and add up your expenses and then you will see what your final costs are.

  • Position postings, print and online, Facebook, Instagram etc. – this costs you X CHF per month.

  • Then calculate the time you spend reviewing, editing, and finally approving the ads created by HR. Time is money.

  • Processing applications, selecting applicants and contacting them, setting up and conducting interviews, etc. – this also translates into cash.

  • Organizing trial work, arranging trial apprenticeships, instructing personnel – this too costs time and money.

  • Finding a temporary solution because the right candidate cannot be located or leaves within the probationary period.

Why not try a new approach?

These are all the items we take care of for you

  • Job advertisements to your specifications

  • Online, print and social media job postings

  • Access to our pool of candidates

  • Direct employees that relieve your team immediately

  • Try-and-hire personnel transition

Our network is much larger than yours. We bring you and your new employee together.

Take your time and review everything. You will see that you have saved time, nerves, and most certainly money. And, you have a new employee who is right for you. We speak from experience, talk to our customers. I do not have to, nor do I want to, convince you. Our satisfied customers do that for us.

Return Call Service

Available every day from 7 am - midnight. Call +41 (0) 52 268 80 00 or have us call you back: