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Is asked particularly often


    You must at least meet these requirements so that KSK Personal AG can place you:

    You are in possession of a Swiss nursing diploma (Dipl. Pflege) or have a federal certificate of proficiency, FaGE / FaBe nursing staff etc. You are in possession of a postgraduate course (NDS) for the areas of emergency, anaesthesia, intensive care medicine.

    For our foreign colleagues from EU / EFTA countries, the following applies: Diploma recognition with the SRC (Swiss Red Cross). A pre-check is not sufficient.

    Language training certificate of qualification at least level B2 in German and only from the Goethe Institute (no other institute will be recognised).

    You are a nursing assistant

    For all colleagues:

    • Minimum age 18 years

    • Medical clearance certificate (not older than three months)

    • Certificate of good conduct from the police (not older than three months)

    Basically, whenever the client has confirmed your hours of service and they have been received in accounting.

    We always pay on the last working day of the month for the hours checked and confirmed up to that day. The rest of the hours that have not been verified by the customer by the last working day will be paid out.

    Yes, we provide flats, we have a selection of flats, we give these to colleagues who take on long-term assignments. The apartments are 2-room flats with a fitted kitchen and bathroom with WC and underground parking in the Zurich area. Our flats cost CHF 1675.00 per month including internet and cleaning. Availability must be requested via the assignment planning.

    There is the possibility to get a room in individual clinics and nursing homes, this depends on the availability. Our assignment planning team will be happy to help you and, if requested, will also ask the customer directly whether there is an overnight accommodation option. In principle, these rooms are subject to a charge and must be paid by you.

    In principle, you do not need a vehicle, you can also use public transportation.

    No, we just need your IBAN number and bank name, it would be nice if you know your BIG/Swift code.

    The foreign professionals submit an application for recognition to the SRC( Swiss Red Cross). As a rule, the so-called "equivalence" is checked, i.e. the qualification acquired abroad is compared with the Swiss training. Both the practical and theoretical contents of the training as well as the professional experience are taken into account, if this can be proven (e.g. by work certificates).

    Tip: Please be sure to go through the Pre Ceck, this is a preliminary stage of recognition, you will then receive a letter from the SRC, f¨r which qualification you are recognized.  Which documents are needed - and especially in which format. Some documents need e.g. an apostille as or a certified copy from the embassy in your home country.

    Here is a tip: Submit all documents already certified.


    Your earnings as a TMA (Temporary Employee) are about 30% of the regular salary. The exact amount depends on your qualifications, work experience and the region you live in. It is also important in which canton / municipality you live. We can only give more precise information when we know your personal background.

    KSK Personal AG cooperates throughout Switzerland with public, and private facilities of all care disciplines. These are:

    • Hospitals

    • clinics

    • medical practices

    • nursing homes for the elderly

    • hospices

    • outpatient care services

    • University hospitals

    • Operating centres

    • Rehabilitation centres

    We work with all denominations and regardless of gender, skin colour, sexual preference or political views. We reject racism in any form. Racism is not a political view. Care is for all people - so are we.

    This varies. KSK Personal AG specialists change facilities on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. If things go particularly well in one facility, multiple assignments are possible in that facility. On the one hand, it depends on the workload you would like to work, and on the other hand, it depends on what is available. At the moment, you can say that the higher the workload, the longer the assignment. In addition, it is entirely up to you. There are colleagues who would like to change more, others not.

    If the team concept is paramount for you, personal contact with your assignment planning is important to you, you are looking for a young and innovative team and you don't want to be just a number. Then you have come to the right place. We offer various employee gifts throughout the year, from cinema visits to shopping vouchers to wellness weekends. We offer discounted rates in a fitness group and you benefit from a shopping community. Strictly according to the principle "All for one & one for all".


    You are the center of attention at KSK Personal AG. We place qualified caregivers, not data records. KSK Personal AG does not receive payment for its services until you have signed a contract at a facility. Therefore, there is no reason for KSK Personal AG to pass on your data to third parties. Before we forward your resume (your candidate presentation) to a facility, we ask for your permission.

    That depends on your employment and where you live. Basically, there is an insurance obligation.

    If you want to move to Switzerland, you can only keep your health insurance if you have a private health insurance and it exists for at least 5 years.

    If this is not the case, you must register in Switzerland.

    If you are a cross-border commuter or if you want to work in the 90 days procedure, you have to inform your health insurance about your stay abroad. We then need an A1 certificate from your health insurance.

    In Switzerland, the insurance obligation is different than abroad.

    The employer insures all employees against accidents at work and against non-occupational accidents. In addition, all employers are obliged to take out KTG (daily sickness benefit insurance) for their employees. This includes a benefit of 760 days at 80% of the average salary. In the area of pension insurance there is only one exception, every employee in Switzerland is obliged to take out pension insurance, here one distinguishes between 2 pillars, the first pillar and the second pillar. The first pillar is a compulsory insurance, the second pillar (BVG) is not compulsory for all employees with an annual income below 21.500 CHF. KSK Personal AG enrolls all employees in the BVG regardless of their annual income. The other social benefits are mandatory for all employees, unemployment insurance, etc.


    Depending on your current career phase and your personal situation, temporary work can offer numerous advantages.

    Greater flexibility

    There are many reasons for wanting more flexibility:

    • Travel

    • Work-life-balance

    • More time for you

    • Family

    • Friends and hobbies

    • Social network

    Work situation

    But you should not only consider personal reasons, greater flexibility also provides a high level of satisfaction in the workplace.

    • Planning security in deployments

    • Fixed work schedule

    • Work how much and when you want to work

    • When you work more, you are also paid more

    Training, education, and continuing education

    Use opportunities to expand your professional horizons. When was the last time you had a chance to

    • Expand or deepen your skill set

    • Participate in structured continuing education with subsidized costs

    • See what others do better or worse

    • Try different positions or industry sectors

    Based on results of a survey, more than 69% of applicants under the age of 30 expect to further develop their professional skill set in the next several months. Close to 46% expect an increase in their professional responsibilities.

    Companies hire temporary employees for many different reasons: as temporary replacement for maternity leave or other approved absences. Times of extremely high business volume. In support of special projects. In order to analyze whether a new position can be transitioned to a permanent one. But also to evaluate whether a worker might become a permanent hire. This type of hiring is called “try and hire“, a worker is hired on a temporary basis with subsequent opportunity to become a permanent employee.

    Wages for temporary work are generally calculated on an hourly or daily rate and paid through the accounting department of KSK Personal.


    Yes, wages for temporary workers are significantly higher than those of permanent employees. However, please remember that no temporary work agency can guarantee continual deployment. It is a good idea to put aside some of your earnings to have financial resources when you are not working.

    Temporary workers are entitled to the same fringe benefits as permanent hires. For example, temporary workers are eligible for the same number of vacation days and the same mileage reimbursement.

    KSK Personal AG pays the following benefits

    • Work on weekends as well as holidays and at night from 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM pays an extra 5 CHF / hour

    • Time compensation 20% = 48 min additional work time at night

    • Travel expenses:
      Travel expenses are reimbursed as follows

      • In a radius within 50 km from place of residence: no travel expenses

      • 50 km to 100 km: 25 CHF

      • 100 km to 150 km: 35 CHF

    The number of temporary work agencies in Switzerland is fairly large, but as with any industry sector, black sheep can also be found in this field.

    From our perspective, you should consider the following:

    • Is the temporary work agency a member of Swissstaffing (Association of Personnel Service Providers)?

    • Does the company have a QM seal, SQS seal, or that of Swissstaffing?

    • Get detailed information, especially regarding the topic of social services.

    • Transparency: ask other temporary workers, look for references or testimonials from employees or customers on the company’s home page.

    Paid time off (PTO)

    Temporary workers are entitled to the same number of vacation days as permanent employees. This means that based on full-time work (42,5 hours per week), temporary workers are entitled to 4 weeks of vacation per year, two of those weeks should be contiguous. KSK pays all temporary workers PTO from the start of every temporary assignment, together with the customary hourly wage. However, PTO earnings are withheld and are paid when the temporary employee applies for PTO.

    Year-end bonus

    The year-end bonus is part of the hourly wage and is clearly indicated on the paystub.

Any questions?

Then we look forward to hearing from you! Come by and find out more. We don't have recruitment consultants, with us you will speak to competent professional colleagues. We all have a nursing background and have been working in the health care sector for many years. Become part of the team, because we live "All for one and one for all". We are available for you daily from 7-24 hrs.