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Staff is our thing

What we do, we do with passion

Staff Hire

We lend and place medical professionals with service providers throughout Switzerland. We focus on the customer, evaluate the needs very precisely, select the team for the customer and always provide the same personnel 99% of the time.

Contact with you as a customer is very important to us. That's why we offer an unbeatable service. You can reach our team of assignment planners 365 days a year from 7-24.

Competent, Forwarding, Customer-Oriented and that is what sets us apart.

What we offer

  1. You need staff, immediately, right away, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow?
    We are ready with our emergency pool of qualified staff. Our hotline is there for you from 7-24 hours, 365 days a year.

  2. You want information and value personal advice to manage short-, medium- and long-term staff shortages?
    We are available to you personally, via Microsoft Teams, Zoom also very quickly and directly online in person (especially in this day and age).

  3. We support you in planning, quickly and efficiently with our new customer portal


You have been looking for suitable personnel for a long time, have had numerous job interviews and have not found the right person?

You have finally hired a new employee and it turns out that the cooperation does not work. It is getting more and more difficult to find the staff that suits you and your company?

There are many roads that lead to Rome, but many people still think that recruitment agencies are locusts who only want to make a lot of money.

Is that really so. What do you think?

We claim you spend much more money than you think. Alone for their entire application process and in the end have no success. Then you need temporary staff for the transition. Yes, then it becomes really expensive overall.

Make a calculation for yourself and then you will see what your costs will be in the end.

  • Job advertisements, print and online, Facebook, Instagram, etc. that surely cost you how many CHF per month

  • Then calculate the time you spend checking and adjusting the job advertisements that HR has created and then finally releasing them. Time is money.

  • Processing applications, selecting, writing to applicants, conducting interviews etc. is also money.

  • Processing, arranging trial days, instructing staff also costs time and money.

  • Temporary solution because no candidate fits or leaves in the trial period.

Why not break new ground?