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Competent. Expeditious. Customer-oriented.

KSK Personal is more than just a service provider

"All for one and one for all."

This term is so much more than just a slogan:

We live and above all believe in the idea of the Musketeers.

Originating from a medical personnel service provider in Switzerland, three musketeers set out to follow their vision. For us, words like loyalty, sense of duty and team are not just empty phrases on some homepage to suggest false impressions.

Who wouldn't want to work in such a team, we don't want to convince anyone, we won't persuade anyone, we don't make false promises, whoever comes to us knows why he/she is with us. We are a team and we are proud of it.

This is what sets us apart:

90 % of all team members come from the network of the entire team and that speaks for itself. Because would you recommend a company to a colleague that you yourself are not convinced of? If we have piqued your interest, you would like to become part of the team or you would like to cooperate with us as a corporate partner, then get in touch!