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Competent. Expeditious. Customer-oriented.

All for one,
one for all

For us, you come first!

We go full throttle so that they go back to work with a smile.

As a team member of the KSK family, you will not only benefit from attractive remuneration, benefits and staff accommodation, but also from a unique WE feeling, because we live "All for one and one for all".

Get to know us and we will inspire you.


    More than 100 customers


    Throughout Switzerland and around the clock


    With us, people come first.

Customer testimonials

I chose KSK because I feel very comfortable here. The familiar and friendly interaction with my colleagues in the office, but also with our colleagues at the front, make every day an eventful day. Because: All for one and one for all.

Nadine Zink
Head of deployment planning, KSK Personal AG

Whenever we have a shortage of operating theatre staff, I always turn to KSK. The clarifications are made very quickly and we have always been able to compensate for our bottlenecks (even at short notice) through KSK. We have been working with the team for a long time and it is very familiar and pleasant. I can highly recommend KSK.

Claudia Bachmann
IROC Augenklinik

In my eyes, KSK Personal AG is a highly professional, uncomplicated and fair employer. The relationship between the management and employees is impeccable, loyal and fair and based on eye level. In case of uncertainty, the management is happy to help and support where necessary. Employees are taken seriously and paid fairly. The management and the planning department take time to clarify any uncertainties and can be reached easily by phone in case of questions. The person is taken care of and one feels well looked after.

TMA Eggenschwiler

KSK has already helped me with many staff shortages and organised staff at very short notice.

In particular, the areas of responsibility, quality and professional competence distinguish the employees.

Many thanks for the good cooperation.

Andrea Czwalina

Team Leader Nursing, ZURZACH Care, Kilchberg

Our working models

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Loyalty, recognition and gratitude towards those of us who are valued and appreciated for our daily work.

Nadine and Stephan, together with their team, form an indispensable set of tools to run a company with so much commitment and perseverance.... They are excellent instigators and comrades-in-arms with such a great responsibility, not only for the client, but also for us, the temporary staff

Many thanks to Nadine Stephan and Co, you guys are great

Mary Palmer

TMA KSK Personal AG

Even though I am a KSK employee myself, I am not biased. I decided to work temporarily for various reasons, mostly to escape the unfair working conditions in nursing, but also for the benefit of the residents and patients. The daily assembly line work that has to be done in the background for the benefit of the system, health insurance companies etc. takes up a lot of time and space in this wonderful job. The patients are put in the background and are only seen as numbers.

I am happy to be part of the team and look forward to working with them in the future.

Sara Schoch
Health professional

I chose KSK Personal AG because it is a very exciting and diverse company. The work colleagues are very helpful and loyal, which makes working together very interesting. I look forward to continued success together!  

Elma Murati
Administration, KSK Personal AG

The daily work at KSK Personal AG is based on appreciation of the performance of each individual. I am very grateful to be part of this great team. The collegial interaction and the mutual helpfulness are an inspiration and motivation for me, every day anew.

Renate Schön
Project Development, KSK Personal AG

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